National Account Executive

Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

My primary role is to identify, build, and solidify relationships with organizations that understand the importance of data security in their environment and the changing nature of the security landscape.

Other responsibilities include brand and service positioning - this includes social media communication and helping to drive marketing and content creation around specific service categories and key vertical markets.

NetSPI is a consulting firm that typically works with Fortune 1000 clients to take a holistic approach to information security and can provide the expertise and experience that our clients require to identify the risks within their applications and

It's been an exciting organization to work with as we've grown more than 20% per year over the last few years even while the economy suffered.  The steps that the ownership/management team took to focus the organization on key services and profitability have helped us grow in size and in our ability to deliver world-class assessment and consulting services for some of the nation's largest companies.

I believe that our efforts to drive positioning, messaging, and content creation and our success in driving new sales and long-term relationships with leading national clients in a variety of key strategic verticals has allowed NetSPI to become one of the largest and most successful independent firms in the information security space.

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Alex Crittenden



I'm an Enterprise Account Executive with roughly 2 decades of experience working with growing organizations. My focus and experience is on driving sales, building strategic messaging and market positioning, and helping companies to grow. This is a personal blog and does not represent the opinions or feelings of any company that I currently work for or with.

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