I like to walk around during mid-day when at work to get out of the office and outside.  Trying to keep my step-count up as well :).   So I take a lot of photos with my phone - these aren't all from lunch-break wanderings, but a lot are.  I'm not much of a city guy, truth be told, but Minneapolis is a great city and if you're a city person (but not the sort that wants to live in Manhattan or LA) you really should check out the Twin Cities - great food, beautiful old buildings and neighborhoods, really active arts community, lots of walking/biking trails, parks everywhere, and a generally welcoming atmosphere.  It's cold, but there's also plenty to do during the winter both inside and out...

St. Paul is a great city as well - a bit more laid back than Minneapolis with a less active night scene, but also fantastic.  The great part is that they are stuck together, so you can have both!  The only thing that's not great about both cities is the mass transit system, but they're working on that!



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