The Importance of Making Some Noise

Recently we had a competitor send out a press release for a new service that they are now providing for clients. It's a pretty cool service and one that is really needed out in the marketplace. The reason that I know this with some degree of certainty - we've been offering the same thing for almost six months.

It's nice to see our model for this service validated by the competition getting into the game, but we really didn't make a big deal of it when we initially rolled the service out. We just set it up, tweaked it based on some feedback, and got to work...

Now the competition is sending out press releases and making a lot of noise about this 'new' service that's available and here's the thing that's frustrating for me - the market is probably going to accept that they were first. If we were to stand up and say we have the service as well we're going to look like we're playing the 'me too' game and not leading the market forward (which is actually the case).

So, this quick little post is more me venting then anything else, but making some noise about the great work that you are doing professionally is important. It's not arrogant to talk about things that you are proud of (as long as you aren't being an ass) and it's not pushy to let people know when you have something new and interesting.

Don't let yourself get overshadowed by followers just because they are less humble then you.

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