Working From a Coffee Shop

I’m starting to think that all sales and marketing people should spend at least one day a week working from a coffee shop (or a tea house or something similar and public).  Since I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and I technically still have anesthetic running through my system my wife isn’t letting me go any further away from home today than the local coffee shop.  (It’s one of those things that I just figure is easier not to fight over – and she’s probably right anyway).

Regardless, I’m starting to think that it’s a good idea to step out, away from the office, and get some work done in a different environment.  I’m more focused in many ways than I would normally be (I think just from the novelty) on areas that require attention, but don’t necessarily require phone conversations – for example, work that I’ve needed to get done to stay on-track with existing clients (paperwork, emails, outreach to client contacts that I haven’t spoken with in a while, meeting/call scheduling for follow-up, etc.)  It’s only 10:30 and I’m feeling ridiculously productive today.

I also believe that being surrounded by the rest of society (rather than being locked in my office) is beneficial for those of us that often get locked into routine.  It’s important to realize that it’s not just our job, our office mates , our family, and our hobbies – we’re part of a broader situation and it helps (me at least) to stay better connected to the world.

Also – I like coffee a lot.  Go Caribou!


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