I'm not going to drop a giant post on this as there are a ton of other blogs out there that have gone into great detail on the awesomeness that is Evernote.  I've had a premium membership almost since it was offered and it's the best money I spend online every month.  I was somewhat skeptical that it was going to be a glorified web snipper or a total dumping ground that would be a worthless repository for stuff that I thought was 'neat' and then would never look at again...

Funny thing is I used it like a web snipper for a good 6 months without really every looking at what I clipped.  Then I spent an hour organizing and now I find it completely useful.  It does a pretty good job at this point of self-organizing and Evernote has done a GREAT job of building tools around the service that make it even more useful.  I still don't know if I'm digging the business networking application that they built, but things like the Clearly add-on for Firefox (and I'm sure Chrome) and the Food application for the iPad are righteous.  Well done guys.

In any case, if you aren't using Evernote now check it out.  I actually don't use it for NetSPI-related information (except some web research that doesn't involve any client names or information) due to the sensitive nature of what we do, but all side projects and personal investigation is captured in Evernote for archiving and review.  And I 903 recipes currently sitting in Evernote that I've clipped or scanned into the service and, yes, I know that clipping 903 recipes is sort of stupid, but it gives me a really cool 'encyclopedia' of recipes to draw from when I want to cook something interesting or new.

My new Evernote Moleskin!

My new Evernote Moleskin!


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