Another Shout Out to NetSPI

Another press release came out from NetSPI and it deserves to be noted (we don’t do a ton of press releases and two in a week is very out-of-the-ordinary)…

NetSPI Works with RSA to Help Joint Customers Reduce Business Risk through Improved Vulnerability Threat Management

This is a press release that discusses the integration that has been completed between RSA’s Archer eGRC Suite and NetSPI’s CorrelatedVM solution.  NetSPI’s not a product company nor are we a company that relies on a bunch of inexperienced techies throwing tools at things and kicking out auto-generated reports…  We are; however, an organization that balances technology, process, and a high-degree of technical expertise.  CorrelatedVM is a big differentiator for our organization and the fact that it integrates with Archer is a big deal for a lot of our large clients.

Regardless – take a look and thanks.

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